My Burrow - Wombat - Large

My Burrow - Wombat - Large
My Burrow - Wombat - Large
My Burrow - Wombat - Large
My Burrow - Wombat - Large
My Burrow - Wombat - Large
My Burrow - Wombat - Large
My Burrow - Wombat - Large
My Burrow - Wombat - Large

My Burrow - Wombat - Large

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FOR GROUP FUN & BIG KIDS - The large WOMBAT is the biggest My BUrrow on the market. With a firm attachment, small groups of children can access the WOMBAT together. Bigger, older children can produce big movements

Size: 150cm x 270cm ( Large)

  • Comes in a variety of colors. (*Colour availability is subject to change.)
  • Recommended by physiotherapists, occupational therapists & speech therapists, teachers & parents.
  • Suitable for all. Great for group use (3-4 individuals & adults)
  • Great for social games, motor skills & group activities.


How do I know if my carpet is compatible?

Check your carpet with regular hook Velcro (the scratchy side). If regular Velcro sticks so will MyBurrow  . We have sourced the high quality super strong Velcro so if regular Velcro sticks you will have no trouble with the attachment.

How do I choose the right size for me?

Size selection is dependent upon the number of and physical size of children. As well as the size of your base/floor space. Think about how MyBurrow@ will be used in the space and by the user/s.

How can I create a base if I don't have compatible carpet?

To create a base there are 2 things to keep in mind.

  1. Ensure that the base is Velcro compatible. Economical options include marine pile carpets from hardware stores or compatible loop-pile rugs.
  2. Create a base that is rigid. Using a carpet on its own, without securing the sides, will cause the sides to come up as the user engages with the Lycra panel. Securing the carpet to a rigid board or floor allows the user greater control over the panel's pressure feedback.

How is MyBurrow@ different to a body or bed sock?

We have a great blog about the key areas of differences between MyBurrow@ and other comparable products.

What safety issues need to be considered?

MyBurrow@ has been tested for and passed safety, flammability and toxicity standards by Australian standards. Supervision is required at all times. MyBurrow@ utilises Velcro to create a quick release attachment. Such an attachment makes MyBurrow@ consistent with non-restrictive practice guidelines. Do not allow the user to put their hair onto the Velcro strips. Not for use by individuals with medical limitations. Please check with your medical professional if you have any concerns.

Where do I access MyBurrow@ lesson plans, sample support plans, and more?

We are always creating resources to maximise the use of MyBurrow@. Sign up today to access free school, home, and library supplementary resources.

How do I care for MyBurrow@

A custom wash bag is included in your purchase so that MyBurrow@ is machine washable. Follow both the wash and storage instructions specified in our Easy Care Guide to maximise the longevity of your MyBurrow@.

How do I introduce MyBurrow@

MyBurrow@ is a unique sensory learning tool. To introduce MyBurrow@ read through our introduction script and familiarise yourself with our You Tube videos.

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