Brolly Sheets Wet Bag - Bulk Pack 20

Brolly Sheets Wet Bag - Bulk Pack 20
Brolly Sheets Wet Bag - Bulk Pack 20

Brolly Sheets Wet Bag - Bulk Pack 20

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We Bag 

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Reusable & Eco-Friendly
  • Easy to Wash, Dry & Hang
  • Versatile: Change Time, Potty Training, Swimming, Travel
  • Bulk Pack: Perfect for Day Cares

Loved for years by cloth nappy Mamas, our wet bags are now being used to replace single-use plastic bags.  Pop them in your pre-schoolers bag to bring home damp clothes, swimsuits, potty training mishaps when out and about – there are hundreds of uses.

Special discount rates to Pre-schools, just get in contact .. email us or give us a call. They make a great fundraiser.

Why not group together with friends to buy in bulk, they work out to be half price of our same sized wet bags sold singularly.

These bags are designed to hold damp items, the seams and zip are not sealed.


  • Size: 30cm x 40cm 

More Details

  • Dirty nappies (cloth & disposable)
  • Dirty bibs after you have been to that lovely cafe for lunch
  • Potty training - undies that have been “caught out”
  • Dirty wipes
  • Wet swimsuits
  • Travel laundry (keep your undies separate from your shoes) or for separating dirty laundry from clean
  • Kids travel bag – when you are out and about, just pop in a car or two, some raisins, a notebook and a pencil.
  • To carry a wet face washer, toothbrush etc when traveling (The Brolly Sheets team all travel with a wet bag for this)
  • For toilet training when out and about. Carry a set of dry clothes and wipes and fill with the wet ones if there is an accident.
  • For toilet training when out and about. Carry a set of dry clothes and wipes and fill with the wet ones if there is an accident
  • A busy bag....fill with a snack and small toys/coloring pad and crayons so it can be grabbed out at a cafe or while waiting for appointments to keep the little ones occupied
  • Wet clothes from wee accidents out and about. Drink bottle bag, nothing worse than having one leak through everything!
  • For putting pre-wetted cloth wipes in if you're only expecting one change while you're out.
  • After a pre-school / Playcentre session to put the kids clothes in, they are usually wet and sandy
  • A book bag.
  • I like the loop to hang on a hook, that makes it great for changing rooms/bathrooms etc
  • Muddy /wet sports gear!
  • My kid's drink bottles! No matter whether the label says 'spill proof', mine always seem to leak through everything!
  • Frozen face cloths which my wee teether likes to chew on!
  • Frozen food because as it defrosts there is condensation on the outside and sometimes the contents can leak leaving messes 
  • Dirty shoes before they hop in the car
  • I use them to put spare clothes for both my boys.. Being boys I never know when they get soiled so when they are it gets used again for their soiled clothes! And also being waterproof. Especially great when their clothes are wet!
  • dirty/wet clothes
  • When you go shopping at the supermarket. For the leaking meat. (E.g chicken)
  • Carrying food in another bag for a party but just to be safe keep it in the bag for no-spill in the car.
  • And for you artists out there: Wet paint brushes (for people that paint for a living)

Care instructions:
Turn inside out and cold or warm wash to 40 degrees. 
Line dry or low tumble dry. 
Do not soak or bleach. 
Do not iron or dry clean.
Do not use fabric softener

Polyurethane laminate (PUL) waterproof outer with a zipper and tape loop.

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